With her short brown hair
And her big black eyes
She’s a star spangled banner
She has this glow to her.
A soul of an infant,
An energy of a stallion
She’d make hurricanes at a drop of one foot
Tsunami’s come across, hit you in the head
While she lays still
What a lover, filled with hate.
You think she knows everything
Well then you know nothing
She has her way around words
But that’s where intuition comes in
She dances under the moonlight on this trance shit
Something she likes for sure
And twirls like some nymph
Then stares deeply into my blank eyes.
Damn, she’s got me
She’s coming this way
She’s gonna twist me and turn me
Gorgeous, I hope you drop dead
You’re too perfect to be touched
So if I touch you -
Well, if I touch you
You certainly won’t be a star in my sky no more, darling
That’s just the way this galaxy works.