Cheers, darling


I fell in love with you

You beautiful old wreck

At the seaside we kissed

As reckless as the waves

Which would collapse on the rocks

The cold rocks of the grey shore

What a metaphor

Stuck in a parking low

I’m wandering alone

You’re fine, aren’t you?

You lucky bastard

How much I envy your wellbeing

My lips shiver for your kiss

My body longs for your touch

You once said that sweet thing

That you fell in love with me

So you ran away, didn’t you?

You all do when times get hard

I bet you’re sleeping now

Like an innocent child

Sadly, you aren’t

You’re a fugitive

Didn’t anyone tell me?

There’s no shelter to be found

At least not in human beings

I let you run like a stallion

But I know for sure

That when the sun goes down

And you’re all alone in your suffocating room

All you can think of is me

My pale lips

My cold feet, hands

My soggy eyes

My smothered skin

My crooked voice

You killed me and you’re proud

Aren’t you?

But you missed a detail love

It was me who killed you first

You will never be capable of forgetting me

Every soul that will appear in your life

Will drown in my name

And even though I left a sour taste

Right when I closed the door

Every damn time you will think of me

And all you’ll remember is how

My sweet drenched lips

Once belonged only

And I repeat

Only to you

So here’s to you

You miserable fuck.