The train hit me fast
I was head first spinning on cloud 9
Station X, stumble off, float across
There you were
Hiding under the tracks
Like some shining corps
The sun hit your face
And before we knew it
We were falling at the speed of photons
10 billion light years ahead
Still holding hands
The sun’s still shining
We’re still eating that old jam of yours
Laughing under the table
Throwing bread in each other’s faces
Busting our poor asses off
Scrapping money for this month’s rent
We said : We ain’t another story
Our love’s history babe
Souls on fire, off we go
Shoulder by shoulder
I guide you and you guide me
Passing long faces
Crossing streets and racing cars
We’re infinite babe
We’re madly in love
We never live on pause
Fast forward, just me and you
What a fascination.