How the moon felt when she met the sun

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I’m that type of clitche
That falls for small gestures
That loves to wake up with flowers
Or poems that can make my heart feel like
There are deeper emotions than this
Monotony of life
I’m that type of person that never is satisfied
Never understood what enough means
Only more
Thirsty for more
Hungry to feel more
Love more
Know more
Learn more
An infinity of enumerations
I may be selfish
I may be unpleased
But that’s only because
I always feel the urge to sink into your skin
I am going mad
And I will be worse
The deeper I fall
I am pure at heart
Honest by thought and soul
Synchronized in such a harmoniously way
I am given deeply to you
Take everything
My soul
My mind
My breath
My flesh
Take it
Because this is what falling in love feels like

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