The 6 Damned Reasons

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I love the way you stare into my eyes
I get lost in the moment
Like I’ve been struck by lighting
I love your smile
The way you lift up the left corner of your mouth
With such an ease
It’s like I’m left with no words
I love the way you caress me
In those long loving arms of yours
(For a minute there, I’d be melting in silence)
I bet they’d cover continents
If you’d try your best
To wander them away
I like the fact that your eyes intrigue me
Filled with fire, yet so calmingly soothing
An antithesis filled with mystery
Knowingly, I’d drift away in them
Your laugh reminds me of innocence
One that all people should hold on to
I love the way I feel with you
Like I’d be me again
Joyful, filled with life and laughter
Still, something hard to describe
A thing like never before
For once in my life -
I feel complete
At ease with the fact
That after all this time
I feel cared for
As if -
What exists is pure
I feel warmth
So why you?
You feel like home
And everyone deserves to feel this way.

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